the premier Medical School in the Caribbean, providing Medical Education Par Excellence!

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The Premier Medical School in the Caribbean, providing Medical Education Par Excellence

The constitution and governance of the AAIMS are regulated by its Charter, Statutes and Ordinances. The governance and management are carried out through a structure of committees and officers.

Our Campus

safe, secure and cost effective environment in which to study, while the south coast of the island provides an interesting variety of stimulating leisure activities.


The safety and security of our students are taken very seriously. All classroom buildings have electronic access control swipe card systems and are well-equipped with the necessary fire detection equipment. In addition, the school has dedicated 24/7 security team guarding campus as well as onsite cameras connected to the observatory room with electronic security systems. All students and staff are provided with a school ID card to be used on entering and exiting the premises.


AAIMS student's life

The Student Services Department is charged with responsibility to develop and implement services and activities which will not only enhance the personal development of our students but would also provide opportunities for cultural enrichment and their involvement in the various school communities.
Students lounges, study rooms, recreational facilities, including a swimming pool, tennis court and basket ball are some of the facilities available for students to ‘let off steam’ or relax. Visits to attractions located in close proximity to the school such as the Safari Boat Tours; Y-S Falls; Bubbling Spring Mineral Spa, to name a few, provide additional opportunities for the pursuance of adventure and recreation.

In keeping with our Mission to graduate students who serve the community and who are committed to excellence, faith, leadership and service, students are encouraged to participate in free clinics offered through the Student Guild’s participation in health fairs, demonstrating care for the elderly residents of local infirmaries and rehab centres serving the wider communities through membership in faith-based clubs and service clubs such as the Rotoract Club formed by the local Rotary Club.

BBQ poolside parties, trips to the cinema, pre Spring Break parties, Cultural Day are some of the activities organised by the students Guilds to increase student assimilation and an appreciation for the many cultural diversities among the student body.
We welcome the addition of new students who will assist in expanding ways in which fellow students can achieve a healthy, practical balance between academics and extracurricular activities.

Students and their regular guests will find the Black River community ready to provide accommodation, cultural activities, socialization, shopping and entertainment. Students will find a safe, secure and cost effective environment in which to study, while the south coast of the island provides an interesting variety of stimulating leisure activities.


The third largest island in the Caribbean, Jamaica is famous for its diversity in culture and recreational activities. Its six main tourist regions are replete with many beautiful beaches, fine hotels and attractions: Negril on the West Coasts boasts several miles of pristine white sand beaches, while located in close proximity to the towns of Ocho Rios and Port Antonio along the North & East Coasts are the famous Dunns River & Reach Falls. The South Coast provides a stimulating variety of leisure activities several to be found in the quaint districts of Treasure Beach and Alligator Pond. Snorkeling, kayaking, parasailing, windsurfing and scuba diving are just some of the beach sports enjoyed by many visitors year round. Swimming at Doctor’s Cave Beach in Montego Bay or attending a spirited Pantomime at the Ward Theatre in Kingston round out the stimulating and varied ways to enjoy this lovely island!
The Island is also famous for its spicy food and reggae music and well known personalities such as Bob Marley, Usain Bolt, Marcus Garvey, Louise Bennett, Shaggy - to name a few.

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