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Administration & Faculty


  • Board of Management

    Dr. Simon Clarke, Chair
  • Ambassador Frank Pringle
  • Dr. Ethlyn London
  • Mrs. Irene Walter
  • Mr. Albert Walker
  • Advisory Board

    Dr. Michael Kaplan
  • Dr. Purnima Kaza
  • President's Office

    Dr. Ram Chalasani- President
  • Mrs. Kadien McKenzie- Executive Assistant
  • Dean's Office

    Dr. Sheila Ann Campbell Forrester- Academic Dean
  • Mrs. Cymone Coote- Dean's Assistant
  • Dean of Administration

    Mrs. Lois Robinson
  • Registrar & Director of Student Services

    Dr. Randolph Watson
  • Legal Counsel

    Ms. Camille Shields
  • Clinical Directors

    Dr. Darsie Haughton
  • Library

    Mrs Hermine Solomon- Director, Library Services
  • Mrs. Dede Welsh- Library Manager
  • Ms. Michelle Bernard- Librarian
  • Pre Med Program Manager

    Mr. Glenlee Robinson
  • Examinations Controller

    Mr. Prasad Dasari
  • Human Resources

    Mrs. Totiana Hutchinson
  • Bursary

    Ms. Isheka Walters
  • Information Technology

    Mr. Marlon Russel
  • Campus Services, Manager

    Mr. Raghu Vemulapalli
  • Receptionist

    Ms. Precilla Walker
  • Security

    Mr. Prince

MD Faculty

  • Dr. Peter WellingtonAnatomy
  • Dr. Norman DayAnatomy, Practice of Medicine
  • Dr. Ademola OdunfaCells & Tissues, Pathology
  • Dr. Franz Pencle Neuroscience
  • Dr. Doreth GarveyNeuropharmacology
  • Mr. Prasad DasariPhysiology
  • Mr. Raghu VemulapalliPharmacology
  • Mr. Germaine DaleyImmunology, Microbiology
  • Dr. Diane RobertsonComplimentary Medicine
  • Dr. David PickingComplimentary Medicine
  • Mrs. Launa Binns-Watson Epidemiology
  • Ms. Alice Carney Nutrition
  • Ms. Yvonne Davis Nutrition
  • Ms. Millicent Ellis Communication Skills
  • Internal Medicine

    Dr. Keith D. Campbell
  • Dr. Lisa Kervin-Dawes
  • Dr. Callistus Lawal
  • Surgery

    Dr. Bradley Edwards
  • Dr. Randall Collins
  • Dr. Roy Kirby
  • Obstetrics & Gynecology

    Dr. Aleith Hemans-Keen
  • Dr. Vincent Williamson
  • Pediatrics

    Dr Darsie Haughton
  • Dr. Curtis Pryce
  • Dr. Reem Al-Johar
  • Family Medicine

    Dr. Beverley Wright
  • Psychiatry

    Dr. Roger Roberts
  • Anesthesia

    Dr. Mark Sanderson
  • Dr. Cecily Thompson
  • Accident and Emergency

    Dr. Andrea Johnson
  • Radiology

    Dr. Brian Masters
  • Ophthalmology

    Dr. Gavin Henry

Pre Med Faculty

  • Mrs. Theresa Guthrie-ScottOrganic Chemistry, Biochemistry
  • Mr. Christopher TaylorGeneral Chemistry
  • Mr. Adrian SmallingBiology
  • Mrs. Carole Elizabeth RossEnvironmental Science
  • Mr. Mario HarrisCalculus
  • Mrs. Sandra Delapenha Communication, Expository Writing
  • Dr. Simeon MohansinghMedical Ethics
  • Mrs. Carrol StewartsonAspects of Basic Life Support
  • Mrs. Maria Powell Nutrition
  • Dr. Dadria Lewis Psychology