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Student Services

The Office of Student Services works closely with the Registrar's Office and Admissions Office related to the quality of medical student life.

The Office of Student Services provides a great many resources and services. Deans and Faculties are always available by appointment and will try to accommodate students who "drop in" whenever possible. We monitor emails from students frequently and encourage dialogue by this medium as well.

The Director of Student Services has overall responsibility and is concerned with aspects of students progress throughout their stay at AAIMS including:

Our Student Services include:

  • Student Accommodations.
  • Student Counseling - personal, academic and professional.
  • Liaison with the Curriculum Committee, Student-Faculty Relations Committee and Graduate Medical Advisory Committee.
  • Advice to students about career decisions and postgraduate education.
  • Liaison with Student Organizations and Parent Organizations.
  • Quality of Student Life
  • Publication of the Elective Catalog, Student Directory and Student Handbook.
  • Maintenance of academic records.

Students have a choice of a variety of very comfortable, furnished housing accommodations on Campus and off-Campus. Students are given priority for housing on Campus during their first year. Please refer to the Student Services link for further information.

Nationals of CARICOM countries as well as citizens of all Commonwealth Countries are allowed entry to Jamaica without a Student Visa.

Before arriving in Jamaica, you should ensure that your passport is valid to cover at least the period up to the end of the academic year. You should also travel with proof of your student status (that is, a Student ID card) or if a new student, with the official Letter of Offer from the School. At the airport, you will be issued a temporary Visitors Visa.

During the first week of the Semester, a list of all non-Jamaican students, who are citizens of Commonwealth Nations, will be sent to the Immigration Office to enable these students to obtain permits.

Citizens of non-Commonwealth Countries must obtain a valid Student Visa prior to entry into Jamaica. Such persons must make their request at the nearest Jamaican Diplomatic Mission or Consulate. On arrival, you will be granted two weeks landed status. Passports will be submitted by the School to the Immigration Office where they will be endorsed and returned with the notation Student.

If you are not a Jamaican, you must check at the Student Services Office to ensure that your name has been submitted to the Immigration Office.

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