AAIMS Student Guild Association

All registered students pursuing a program at the All American Institute of Medical Sciences are automatically members of the AAIMS Students Guild Association.

The Guild Council’s mission is to:

“efficiently serve and protect the rights of students in promoting their academic, social, cultural, spiritual, and physical development, while fostering relations with the wider community.”

An election is held each year to elect guild officers, the Constitution governs this practice.

Get Involved

From orientation day, students are welcomed by the Guild Council and are ushered into the AAIMS student experience. The guild plans various activities throughout the year that are outlined in The Guild’s calendar of events. Some of these events include voluntary programmes, fundraisers and activities for leisure. Students are encouraged to get involved in the various guild committees, as well as to attend monthly guild meetings.

Click here to download: AAIMS Student Guild Association - Officers Responsibilities and Duties.