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Associate Degree in Health Sciences(Pre Med Program)

AAIMS offers a 4 semester (16 month) Pre Med program for High School graduates to fulfill requisites for entering into MD program. Once students complete the program successfully, they are transferred to AAIMS 4 year MD program. Students are awarded "Associate Degree in Health Sciences" after graduating from Pre Med program and Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree after graduating from 4 year MD program.

This track is ideal for highly motivated graduating High School students who are committed to study medicine and are ready to begin their medical studies immediately after completing high school. It is also the path for non-traditional students who need to complete prerequisite courses before being accepted to the AAIMS MD program.


Semester 1

Course Title Credit Hours
BIOL 101 Biology I: Cell and Molecular Biology (w/lab) 04
ENV 152 Environmental Science 03
CHEM 121 General Chemistry I 03
CHEM 122 Organic Chemistry I 03
PHYS 101 College Physics I 03
ENG 103 English 1: Communication Studies 03
MATH 101 Trigonometry 03
  Sub-total Credits 22

Semester 2

Course Title Credit Hours
BIOL 102 Biology II: Organismal and Evolutionary Biology 03
CHEM 221 General Chemistry II (w/lab) 04
CHEM 222A Organic Chemistry II (w/lab) 04
MATH 102 Calculus 03
PHYS 202A College Physics II (w/Lab ) 04
PSY 205 Health Psychology 03
ENG 241 English II: Expository Writing 03
  Sub-total Credits 24

Semester 3

Course Title Credit Hours
CHEM 222B Organic Chemistry III(w/lab) 04
PHYS 202B College Physics III (w/lab) 04
BIOCHEM 200 Principles of Biochemistry 03
BIOL 103 Biology III :Principles Of Biology 03
BIOL 204 Genetics 03
BIO 122 Nutrition through the Lifecycle 03
PSY 231 Abnormal Psychology 03
  Sub-total Credits 23

Semester 4

Course Title Credit Hours
RMS 232 Research Methods 03
BLF 203 Aspects of Basic Life Support 03
ETH 204 Medical Ethics 03
BIOL 221 Medical Nutrition 03
ANAT 202 Introduction to Human Anatomy 03
PHYSIOL 133 Introduction to Human Physiology 03
MICROB 101 Introduction to Medical Microbiology 03
  Sub-total Credits 21

Sub total Credits: 90